Dental Services


As you might expect, we thoroughly examine your teeth for signs of decay or other disease. We also check your gums, ligaments and bone for signs or symptoms of periodontal disease. In addition, we examine your tongue, cheeks, other areas of the mouth, head, neck, jaw and temperomandibular joint for abnormalities.

Preventive Care

Here we focus our efforts on finding ways for our patients to avoid the need for active dental therapy. Our goal is to have every patient in what we call “maintenance mode,” where the combination of effective home care and regular check-ups and cleanings keep potential problems at bay. Some examples of preventive dentistry are fluoride treatments that strengthen the enamel surfaces of the teeth and the application of sealants to grooved or pitted surfaces before cavities can develop.

Early Intervention

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of early recognition and treatment of hazards to dental health. A large restoration that breaks down at the edges today can, in a very short time, lead to the death of the tooth’s nerve (the “pulp”). We will recommend the best approach to eliminating this kind of oral “booby trap.” Examples of other such hazards include: improperly functioning teeth (that bang or knock together), cracked teeth, smoking or other habits detrimental to oral health, a vitamin- or mineral-deficient diet, and missing teeth. Our aim is to intervene at the earliest sign of any problem in order to conserve as much natural dentition as possible.

Aesthetic Treatment

This term might be used to describe every procedure we perform, in the sense that we strive to improve the appearance of our patients’ dentition with every visit. Numerous advances in the materials and techniques of aesthetic dentistry have been made in the last few years, to the point that we are now able to offer a variety of options toward improving and enhancing your smile. After all, your smile says it all!